Authenticity Policy

1. Introduction

At Reddz Trading,  we are committed to ensuring the authenticity and quality of the products we offer to our valued customers. To maintain the highest standards of authenticity verification, we utilize third-party authentication services. This policy outlines our authentication process and the third-party services we rely on.

2. Authentication Process

- In-Person Staff Evaluation and Inspection: Before any product is submitted to third-party authentication services, it undergoes a comprehensive in-person evaluation and inspection by our trained staff. Our dedicated team members have undergone extensive training to become experts in identifying counterfeit merchandise. This in-person assessment includes:

- Visual Inspection: Our staff meticulously examines each product, scrutinizing details such as stitching, labels, logos, and overall craftsmanship to spot any inconsistencies or irregularities that may indicate a counterfeit.

- Material Assessment: Our experts assess the quality and authenticity of materials used in the product, including fabrics, leather, hardware, and any other components specific to the item.

- Unique Identifiers: We carefully check for unique identifiers, such as serial numbers, holograms, and authenticity tags, where applicable, to confirm the legitimacy of the product.

- Documentation Review: Any available documentation, including certificates of authenticity, receipts, and product history, is reviewed to corroborate the item's origin and authenticity.

2.2. Third-Party Authentication Services

Following the in-person evaluation and inspection, the product undergoes validation by trusted third-party authentication services, ensuring an additional layer of verification:

- Entrupy: Entrupy utilizes cutting-edge technology, including microscopic imaging and machine learning algorithms, to verify the authenticity of luxury items, providing an additional layer of validation beyond our in-person inspection.

- Authenticate First- is a third-party service that uses pictures of luxury handbags, clothes and shoes, jewelry, watches, and accessories to verify an item's authenticity before making a determination on an item’s authenticity 

- Fashion Detective: Fashion Detective employs a team of experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of fashion brands and their authentication criteria, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in product verification.

2.3. Certification of Authenticity

Once a product successfully passes both our in-person evaluation and third-party authentication, we include the third party certification of authenticity for the item. This certification serves as a guarantee to our customers that they are receiving a genuine product.

2.4. Ongoing Training and Expertise

Our staff undergoes continuous training and stays updated on the latest trends and techniques used by counterfeiters. This ongoing education ensures that our experts remain at the forefront of the industry and are equipped to identify even the most sophisticated counterfeit merchandise.

By combining our in-person evaluations with the expertise of renowned third-party authentication services, we maintain the highest standards of authenticity verification, providing our customers with the confidence and assurance they deserve when shopping with us.